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CRS - June 2022

Day 5 - our final morning .. we are on our way home! 

Day 4 - Thursday at CRS. Feeling hot, hot, hot all day!!! We all went rock climbing  today and the children have had a blast! Mr Bixley's and Mrs Bowler's group went to Ley Tor in the minibuses and completed their rock climb while Mr Tagg's group walked there. We all met up after the climb and had an amazing picnic with a superb view. After lunch the group who had walked started climbing and got the minibus back whilst the groups who climbed first completed the long walk back - and it was a really long walk (2 hours). We all went paddling and stone skimming in the River Dart to cool our feet down and the kids loved it. Children are currently building their dens in the forest and we are going to have a campfire in the newly built fire pit. The children cannot believe they are home tomorrow after a morning of raft building and jumping off the swinging tyres into the lake. They are really enjoying it here and don't want to leave but they are all looking forward to a huge hug from each of you when they get back - so get those arms ready! Standout moments today: Ninja Niamh, Lily and Josh up the rock face at speed with Tallulah P finishing the climb and walk despite coming off crutches a few weeks ago (amazing), Eva becoming the new Bear Grylls at campfire, James leading his group from base to rockface using his orienteering skills by himself - totally blew the leaders away - and Mo for her constant support, smile and help to everyone else. Golden moment - CRS staff praising the children again for all the right reasons, it is so nice to hear. See you all tomorrow,  check phones for updates throughout tomorrow. Mrs Bowler, Mr Tagg and Mr Bixley  

Day 3 - Another splendid day in glorious sunshine with every child being absolutely fabulous!!! Apart from Meera, Shana and Renae having a lovely snuggly chat in one bunk at 6.45am,  we had to wake the rest of the children at 7am today as they were all in a deep sleep, clearly exhausted from yesterday's activities. The silence lasted for such a short time once they were told to be up and ready in 10 minutes! However, they all promised they had washed or showered by 7.10! Hmmmm! Once awake - and full of another full English - they were active all day with either caving, long zip wire, crate building, canoeing or kayaking.  We now know how cold the River Dart is (Mrs Bowler found out how cold it was 3 times and Harrison even more than that!). Mr Tagg zipped along the zip wire and Mr Bixley's height came in to great use building the tallest crate tower. Children overcame fears - often with a little encouragement! Freddie M, Tallulah P and Neo did not quit in the caves and felt so good once they came back out beaming that they had done it! Khiannah, Chloe, Lily and Meera were queens of the cheese press with King Sam coming out with his face covered in clay - the gap to squeeze through is less than 50cm and his face literally rubbed along the cave floor - they all did brilliantly. Favourite moments of the day:  seeing Khiannah lead the charge and positivity in the caves; the CRS crate stacking record being beaten by Meera, Shana and Lucy and Indigo belly laughing so much at Mrs Bowler falling in the river that she capsized her kayak and fell in herself!!! However, as a staff, our golden moment was being approached by the cleaners who said the children have been fantastic ambassadors for Holtspur as they are the most polite children for holding doors open, waiting for adults and children to pass and even thanking the cleaners for what they do to keep the house so clean and tidy - they were totally blown away. Snapshot of the day so far as we are now (8pm) outside having a mini Olympic competition...might just have to wake the children again tomorrow at this rate!! Mrs Bowler, Mr Tagg and Mr Bixley.

Day 2 has been brilliant with glorious weather and 25 excitable children who are up for anything.  The leaders are incredibly impressed by every single child's  'Happy to have a go' attitude towards the activities. Every single child has completed every single activity and the leaders have said this is really unusual as normally a few children would have opted out by now. Children are really happy and no-one has asked to come home!!!! So please be reassured they are fine - "I'm loving all of it!" said Mo and Edward! Every plate of food has been finished and no complaints as there is a lot of it and it is all delicious- just beware, you might just have to make a cooked breakfast every day from now though! Highlight of the day was the bravery of the children who went caving and completed the high ropes - unbelievable! We did have a few wobbles, but the leaders were so good with your children that everyone has done everything - and they feel all the more positive about themselves having completed the challenges set. To quote Indigo after the high ropes "I feel quite proud of myself today". Isn't that what it's all about! We have taken lots of photos to share when we get back, but due to Internet issues here with our laptops we are sending a few images each evening. Try and spot a sad won't! Mrs Bowler, Mr Tagg and Mr Bixley