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Year 4 have been carrying on with our journey of ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells and have concentrated on our summarising skills. In order for us to understand a story well, we must be able to summarise the key points and we have chosen to express this through storymapping. These are incredible and you can see your hard work and dedication in them; keep it up Team 4!



Since the children have returned from Christmas, Year 4 have been on an adventure with Robert Swindells to the Ice Palace. This book tells the story of a sleepy, snowy village tormented by a villain called Starjik who steals children in the dead of night. Last week, Year 4 took on the role of our main character, Ivan, whose brother has been taken and wrote to 'Mum and Dad’ explaining why he needed to leave the safety of his home.

Read these incredible diary entries to be transported into the book!


Dear Mum and Dad,


I’m writing this to let you know not to worry about me, I am brave and strong and my brother needs my help. I’m writing this down because I know if I told you my plans you wouldn’t let me go.

I have to find him, he must be frightened and he will miss us. I don’t want you to be sad and I want us to be a whole family again. I’ve decided to go to the end of the village to find my brother and to bring him back where he belongs.

I might be gone for a long time, I’ve never been out of the village before so I don’t know how long it will take me. It might be dark but I’m going to take a torch and be brave. I’ve also got my scarf, hat and big coat on so don’t worry I won’t get cold. The blistering and bitter cold will not stop me in my quest of finding him safe!

I promise to come back with my brother, I also promise to be careful and to not talk to strangers. I will be back as soon as I can. I will miss you lots. 

Please look after each other and don’t try to follow me, by morning I will be far far away.

Ivan        By Tayah 


Dear Mummy and Daddy,


I’ve had enough, I can't stand it anymore! I NEED TO GO AND FIND MY BROTHER! I have thought of nothing else other than needing to find him. I know Starjik has something to do with it and I’m going to find out! I feel so helpless just staying at home, doing nothing, just hoping that he will return one day. I know you’ll be mad with me for sneaking out and not telling you, but I knew you would try and keep me from going. 

I need to find him Mum and Dad, I need to bring this family back together again. It's not just us that's affected, the whole village is weeping, we can't keep letting this villain take the children. We have got to put a stop to this for once and for all!


Please don't worry about me, I've got enough layers of clothing on to keep me warm, I took some of the bread from tea time last night to keep me full and use it as a distraction in case I come across Starjik’s wolf tribe. I will make a trail behind me so that I can find my way back to the village once I’ve rescued my brother. Just make sure the men of the village are waiting to confront Starjik incase he chases me back!


I need to do this Mum, I need to make us a family again so that we can make lots more happy memories. Please don't worry about me, you have raised me to be brave and courageous, you said I can do anything, remember?


I will bring him home Mum! I promise!

I love you

Ivan                          By Willow