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Year 4 have been carrying on with our journey of ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells and have concentrated on our summarising skills. In order for us to understand a story well, we must be able to summarise the key points and we have chosen to express this through storymapping. These are incredible and you can see your hard work and dedication in them; keep it up Team 4!

Since the children have returned from Christmas, Year 4 have been on an adventure with Robert Swindells to the Ice Palace. This book tells the story of a sleepy, snowy village tormented by a villain called Starjik who steals children in the dead of night. Last week, Year 4 took on the role of our main character, Ivan, whose brother has been taken and wrote to 'Mum and Dad’ explaining why he needed to leave the safety of his home.

Read these incredible diary entries to be transported into the book!


Dear Mum and Dad,


First things first, do not worry when you see this letter in my room. I have just gone to find my brother . I am not with Starjik but then again I am gonna find him to lead him to my brother. I have already decided, so if you wish to stop me you are way too late. If you are wondering why I am writing it is so you know where I am .


I already know I will be in grave trouble but at least my brother will be there with me.( I mean I will be in trouble but My brother will be safe). 


My journey will be tough in the powdery snow, almost impossible in the freezing calm and the deep sled track buried in the snow.


I have bread which I stole ( sorry about that by the way I really am)to distract wolves. Then I plan to run on the sled tracks to get the location of my brother. I am in my winter clothes so I do not get frostbite. 


Just remember when me and my brother tried to make an igloo out of snow. It would just melt and melt. I will be back soon


From Ivan.   Deeksha 


My bedroom

                                                                                          Blacksmith’s cottage

February 17th 1862                    

Dear Mum and Dad


I am writing to you to tell you where I have gone. Don’t worry, I have not been stolen by Starjik. I have gone to find my little brother and bring him home. I didn't tell you because you would definitely have said no. I have taken spare clothes and I have food ( that is why I stole bread from the table).


The reason I have decided to go is because he means so much to us and our family won’t be the same without him. Maybe if I reach Starjik’s lair I could change his mind to make him stop kidnapping children or somehow manage to defeat him. Reuniting the family is worth the risk.


I imagine that the journey will be hard-going, over treacherous terrain, uninviting and perilous. I fear it will be slippery and freezing cold and I will be all alone but I am determined.


If at any time you feel worried about me you can think of a memory of me which will make you feel better.  I am sure I will come back.


Love from

Ivan                                 Sam