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Snow Day Challenges

ARP Snow Day Challenges

English: Create Snow Poetry

Start by asking kids to write down all of the words they can think of that describe snow (think of the senses). Then have them use the words to write a poem inspired by winter. Let kids create a simple rhyme scheme poem or go to Poetry4Kids to learn how to write poems ranging from Haiku to limericks.

Maths: Build an Indoor Snowman

Start by cutting out shapes to make several snowmen as well as accessories such as hats, pipes, and scarves. Place the shapes in a bowl or basket, and give a piece of colored paper and glue. Then randomly draw out snowman pieces to create goofy-looking snowman. Challenge: Write the names of the shapes.

OT: Create Snowflake Puzzles

Start by looking at how to create symmetrical snowflakes by folding a white piece of paper diagonally and then twice more to form a triangle. By cutting shapes in the triangle, they can create a crystalline design that’s revealed when they unfold the snowflake. Then turn it into a snowflake puzzle by folding a darker sheet of paper in half and sticking the snowflakes along the line of symmetry. Cut each snowflake in half along the folded line, and mix the pieces.

Optional: Identify Tracks in the Snow

If it’s warm outside, bundle up and take a walk with your kids. On the way, challenge them to look for tracks in the fresh snow and discuss how to identify different animals. Start by asking how big they think the animal is, and then see how specific they can get. For example, dogs and cats have four toes, while deer have only two toes. Mice will often leave a narrow line in the snow as they drag their tail behind them, and squirrels will leave claw marks. You can use a phone app, like iTrack Wildlife, to identify more unusual species and to learn about each animal.