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Subject Lead: Mrs Orchard


At Holtspur we intend to offer pupils a broad and rich RE curriculum enabling them to know and understand a range of religions and beliefs. The coverage encourages pupils to express their ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religion and worldviews and allows opportunities for pupils to reflect on and relate their learning to their own experiences. RE contributes to our pupil’s personal development, wellbeing and to community cohesion and develops positive attitudes to cultures and beliefs which vary from their own. The intent is to make sure children understand the relevance of RE in today’s modern, diverse society and how it affects our lives.


The RE curriculum is taught through the “Discovery RE” scheme of work. In KS1 the children look at what Christians believe, by asking ‘Big Questions’ and making connections across religions and in their own lives. The children begin to look at other religions (Judaism, Islam and Hinduism) focusing predominantly on celebrations and rituals. Key Stage Two builds upon the learning of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam with the addition of Sikhism and Buddhism. The children are encouraged to think critically and ask questions of a religion as each half term focuses on a ‘Big Question’. The Key Stage 2 curriculum allows for deeper understanding of the specific religions, using key stories and teachings, events and artefacts.


We believe that the impact of using “Discovery RE” as a basis for our RE curriculum will give our pupils a better understanding of the religions that make up the UK landscape and how they can learn from and work alongside each other to create community cohesion. Our curriculum will promote inquisitive minds, respect, tolerance and understanding for all those around them including themselves. Our lessons will enable quality work to be produced and evidence, showcasing a deeper understanding of the main religions of the world. Evidence will be seen through the use of the correct vocabulary, explanations, respectful opinions, cultural art work, drama, crafts and presentations.